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Digitize census and surveys; i.e: CountBig!

The process of population census usually runs every 10 years and costs hundreds of millions. Traditionally, countries consume massive amounts of paper to collect data, manage thousands of on-the-ground agents, and take months to report on the results.

We are digitizing the census process with our data collection platform (DCP) helping governments and commercial entities in public and private sectors to simply: CountBig!

What is GCP?
It is an environment-friendly platform that saves the planet from consuming tens of millions of $ worth of papers and ink by providing a replacement digital solution. The platform automates survey design with data collection, inspection, analysis and visualization in addition to providing route management and field agents monitoring; all in real-time.

The GCP combines key agile technologies: mobility, analytics, security, integration & GIS within an efficient, sustainable formula. Built with efficiency, scalability, and ease-of-use, it can be quickly implemented and customized to meet the Data Collection mandates and processes of governmental and commercial bodies worldwide

To highlight main benefits: across every digital census or survey run in your country, you will be maximizing operational efficiency, dramatically decreasing costs, increasing data accuracy, impressing citizens and generating final results instantaneously. 

Read how DCP was used to deliver and run at Egypt CAPMAS (Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics) helped us land a global recognition as the 2016 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for Egypt.

DCP Highlights

End-to-End Census Process
DCP provides governments and commercial entities a flexible, efficient, cost effective, and modern tool to collect data accurately starting by preparations phase, passing through collection phase, and ending up by post-survey / census phase.

Data Collection App
Our Tablet/Mobile App is designed with state-of-the-art user experience to efficiently save agents’ time and thus reducing number of field agents dramatically. It provides a more accurate data collection tool and allows instantaneous reporting and dashboarding.

Digitally Productive Agents
The platform empowers agents with maximum productivity while on the go. Right from the Tablet/Mobile they can view their routes and areas to cover. Information safety is ensured as they are transmitted immediately or saved until there is an internet connection.

Data Monitoring
The GCP provides a complete framework for monitoring and controlling the Census Process including the Operations Room Management System and the Control Room Management System.

Data Validation
The GCP assists in data validation and increases data accuracy levels by applying machine learning techniques that detect possible fraud patterns and instantaneously alert management.

Citizen Census Portal
To save citizen time or make up for missing the agent's visit, citizens can go online and fill in the survey information on their own convenient time window. 

GIS Integration & Reporting
With GIS integration, agents view assigned routs right from their smart phones and tablets. Collected data is plotted on country’s map in real-time and used for reporting purposes.


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