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Informatica Data Disruption Summit 2017

As a sliver sponsor, Link Development will be exhibiting in the “Informatica Data Disruption Summit 2017” held in Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, Dubai on November 7th 2017.  

During the event we will be showcasing its vision of data as the currency for digital transformation; the lifeblood of business innovation, growth, sustainability and competitiveness. We will also share our methodology in walking customers through transformation from strategy to realization.

Now is the time to think differently about your enterprise data. Raw data is the backbone of your enterprise, the real gold mine!  We help you in creating a framework that recognizes any and all sources of data in your business, whether an application, a portal, a social network, a document or even a process. You name it!  We help you extract, clean and assemble this data, whether structured or unstructured, and put it together in a unified, organized and secure way so it can give meaning every time this data changes within a transaction, process or an application.

Why attend?

    1. 1. Learn that the transformation is basically about changing the traditional process-based thinking of change into a mindset that factors online, offline, and social sources of data
      2. Explore how we can deliver harmonious digital solutions that unleash the power of enterprise data and help optimize the business
      3. Engage with experts who will explain how data can help in creating an integrated enterprise with improved efficiency, increased security, better customer experiences and optimized performance.


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