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Link Development; a sponsor of K2's "Shaping the Future of Smart Cities" event in Dubai

On April 26, 2017, at Westin Hotel, Dubai, we will be showcasing our vision of intelligent cities in K2's "Shaping the Future of Smart Cities" event. 

In an intelligent city, everyone and everything  is an actor on the digital stage and partakes a critical role in building the city's  strong digital economy. Every citizen, worker, business owner,  government official or even an object or a thing has a digital persona that interacts with others and with things in multiple ways.

Our role is to provide new software products, solutions, services or devices that empower multi-personas to perfect their roles.

With K2, we focus on weaving  inventive and seamlessly integrated experiences that help all actors undergo an exciting journey of digital transformation so they can together raise the bar and live in an even more intelli­gent, productive and competitive city.




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