Tax & Revenue Management

Tax and Revenue Management
Its the digital tax revolution. Bridge your revenue gap now!

Total tax revenues account for more than 80% of total government revenue in about half of the countries in the world. Yet, we see a yearly global loss of around $600 billion due to tax evasion. In the Middle East, size of tax evasion can spike from 50% to 70% of total tax. While, in Africa alone, wrong tax returns and fraud cost over $50 billion yearly.

Already proven in multiple implementations on Microsoft Azure and on-prem and across the globe, our digital tax solutions rapidly transform the tax collection processes, improve the relationship between tax authorities and tax payers, establish a fair tax environment and prevent fraud; while increasing tax revenue critically needed to finance quality public services and mega national projects.  


Digital Taxation

We help regional governments and tax authorities in planning and implementing the automation of their end-to-end taxation processes to boost tax effectiveness and meet the mandates of today’s digital economy and digital businesses.

Our solutions securely serve on-cloud and on-prem digital needs of different tax authorities; enabling tax payers to apply for and submit taxes (e-files) easily and quickly across all digital touchpoints they daily use.

Our solutions are easily customized to meet country-sepcific tax operational models while complying with all tax types (VAT, income tax, property tax, excise, company tax and others), document types, revenue codes and procedures; and while enabling risk management, reports & statistics generation and much more.



Intelligent Fraud Detection & Management

Under-reported sales, bogus traders, misclassification of commodities and false claims for credit or refund are few examples of known fraudulent activities that are practiced worldwide to evade taxes.

We bring the digital tax revolution to regional tax authorities. We provide the capacities of artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital analysis to build a digital reasoning framework, on-cloud & on-prem, that simply detects anomalies in tax payer data and behavior then report fraud in real-time. 

We empower the process of comparing and managing suspected fraud and non-compliance situations using all relevant business data over intelligent, easy-to-use dashboards and geo-dashboards. We further predict new fraud patterns and advise where the next fraudulent activity will most likely happen and by who!


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