Retail Industry Digital Transformation
Digitalizing retail business is not an option. It’s an urgent necessity!

With sharp digital changes in consumer shopping patterns, modern ways in service delivery, inventory management, workforce mobility and others, its high time for your retail business to take a digital leap. Without intelligently refactoring your processes, connecting your systems, providing consumers with intelligent, personalized omni-channel experiences and building engaging relationships, competition will feed on your market share.

The "Retail Hub": Build Reliable, Intelligent & Modern Experiences for You and Your Consumers!

Link Development’s Retail Hub is a digital platform that empowers retailers to create automated, unified, and intelligent end-to-end retail experiences on cloud and on-prem. Whether it is in-store, online, on mobile, on phone, during home-delivery encounters, or even on-desk at the retailer’s business organization, the Retail Hub provides integrated solutions that digitally transform every aspect of the retail business to help you make more profit and gain more satisfied customer base.

Retail Digital Strategy

Our consultants engage with you to understand your business-specific pain areas and aspiration and benchmark with industry standards and competition. We establish a joint strategic digital transformation vision. We then draw a roadmap with prioritized business needs and the digital solutions that will address them.

Retail Digital Experiences

We design every single digital touchpoint in your retail ecosystem to be engaging, immersive, and efficient. Most importantly, a part of an integrated, personalized and omni-channel shopping experience. We understand the needs of your consumers, visitors, workforce, top management, partners, services centers, investors and more. Their digital experiences with your retail brand will be satisfactory and memorable.

Retail Digital Transformation

Our digital platform provides solutions that transform your retail business into an efficient, agile one. The Retail Hub provides you latest technologies to streamline processes, integrate systems, automate sales and marketing, listen to customer feedback, improve workforce productivity, excel in after-sale and field service, engage in social media and more.

Retail Digital Optimization

The Retail Hub helps you to control every aspect of your business. We help you measure experiences and improve performance using clear shopping pattern analysis, marketing campaign results, customer satisfaction rates and more. We provide you with rich analytics and insights through rich reports, dashboards and geo-dashboarding to know if your business performance is en route for meeting your KPIs or that you need to take an evidence-based corrective action.

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The Retail Hub Highlights

Online Experience: Intelligent, Personalized Omni-Channel and eCommerce Capacities

  • Provide consumers with easy online shopping experiences,

  • Build efficient call center solutions with intelligent IVR and chat-bot solutions

  • Understand consumer shopping behavior and personalize their engagement to show them the products they are most interested in

  • Provide contextual experience so the customer will feel understood across any of your digital touchpoints.

 In-Shop Experience: Unique, Fun & Engaging with Mixed Realities
  • Digitalize showroom experience with intelligent, fun showroom tools such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality
  • Improve in-store shopping with intelligent interaction with products
  • Automate in-store pick-up services
  • Automate experiences in differentiator areas like kids playing area, parents waiting areas, dressing rooms, dining areas and more
Commercial Excellence: Better Sales & Marketing Programs and Social Engagement with Dynamics 365
  • See consumer history, preferences, complaints, and suggestions from a single point
  • Monitor ongoing sales figures and anticipate peaks
  • Provide loyalty programs that reward consumers for purchases and referrals with intelligent, immediate and flexible digital redemption methods
  • Apply intelligent and cost effective gift/voucher programs and marketing promotions
  • Monitor your brand and interact with mentions on different social media channels
Internal Excellence: Unified & Integrated Operations & Data with BizTalk
  • Orchestrate business processes and workflow between systems. Ensures secure and integral delivery of information
  • Facilitate the integration of data sources for a holistic data view

  • Build your own or integrate with CRM, ERP, POS and/or other 3rd party systems

  • Provide a single, attractive entry point to all your systems

 Knowledgeable Workforce: Information, Products, Consumers and More
  • Build knowledge bases to empower staff with easy, anywhere and anytime access to information
  • Build and integrate your product catalogues
  • Know consumer sales history to easily up and cross-sell

 Mobile Workforce: Excellence in Field Service and After Sales

  • Empower your workforce with mobile devices to manage customer encounters
  • Improve home-delivery services
  • Enable inspection and evaluation of delivered services
  • Exercise workforce geo-monitoring
  • Enable fleet management and intelligent product distribution

 Increased Brand Proximity with Intelligent Chat-Bots

  • Support consumers 24*7 using automated, intelligent chat-bots
  • Include Artificial Intelligence to better understand customer needs

Insights & Analytics: Improve Business in Real-Time!

  • Provide stakeholders real-time reports, dashboards, geo-dashboards with detailed business metrics
  • Have a single view for the business to make quick, confident decisions
  • Touch-enabled native apps, allow your team to access their data wherever they go

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