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Real-Estate Industry Digital Transformation
Digital is reshaping property shopping patterns. Make your digital move now!

The real-estate sector is seeing a whopping consumer-driven movement. Consumers are overwhelmingly engaging with real-estate products and services using today’s dominant digital mediums.

People, residential and business customers, expect to find all-comprehensive experiences that will help them take the property investment decision wisely. They expect to manage their contractual and financial obligations with you smoothly. They also expect you to be there post the property purchase or rental.

We can help you making the process of selling real-estate easy. We can help you to make your years of brand equity relevant to the now and a platform for the future. Now is the time to transform from a traditional real-estate business into digital. Otherwise, you will be missing countless opportunities and risking your market position.

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Strategy: Reach your customers with a solid digital plan!

The roadmap for digital transformation is not only about intelligently engaging your consumers in online, on mobile and in showroom digital experiences. It’s also about digitizing internal operations, selling techniques, customer relationships and services—and extending the digital relationship with consumers even post property sale.

We help you in building a solid digital strategy and roadmap that meet your business objectives. After careful analysis, brainstorming and benchmarking, we provide you with a plan for the digital touchpoints and solutions to be created, updated and integrated.

Experiences: Capture the right leads quickly with magnet-like experiences!

We help you create a unique presence across the range of digital channels that your consumer user. We design amazing omnichannel experiences for your customers whether online, on mobile or inside your showroom using the latest technologies in customer intelligence, personalized services, augmented reality, virtually reality, artificial intelligence and more.

Create intelligent online experiences

We help you shift your ordinary website presence into an intelligent one that understands the property search, viewing and shopping patterns of your online visitors and personalizes the navigation experience.

Employ chat bots, your first-line lead capturing tool

We provide you with chat bots that apply latest AI techniques to answer property questions, understand the preferences of your online visitor and log the qualified leads.

Extend property shopping with mobility and Virtualy Reality 

We enable you to complete your online presence with intelligent mobile apps. For more brand proximity, we open a new window for property search and viewing by including virtual reality tools that go beyond viewing into selecting unit decorations and more. 

Provide immersive showroom experiences with Augmented Reality

Using Microsoft HoloLens, we bring life to your compound. Imagine how first-time would feel if they can navigate the compound, select units and navigate inside floors and decorate rooms. You can also bring the HoloLens to your luxury-buyers and close the deal immediately. Watch online.

Transformation: Digitally nurture leads & close more deals with efficient business processes

We help you manage captured leads by organizing and automating your internal operations. Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps, we deliver customized solutions for sales, marketing, customer services and more. We integrate these with mobile apps, collaboration tools and visual 2D & 3D maps that drive the productivity of your workforce and sales agents.

Know your customers to intelligently run your marketing campaigns

We provide a Customer/tenant 360 view in a one single spot where you can segment, slice and dice your customer base as needed. You can know the financial standing of each with your properties, plan your next sales calls and run marketing campaigns that will help you push for the next purchase and accelerate deal closure.

Drive smart sales with customized billing, contracts & installments processes

We enable you to automate your sales processes, track & manage sales pipeline activities & opportunities as well as forecast future sales performance. Based on your organization-specific business need, we help you to flexibly manage payment terms & intervals for leasing & selling contracts management in addition to managing payment installments & due dates with automatic reminders & alerts.

Enable sales staff to visually manage property sales on maps

Plot your compounds on visual 2D & 3D maps and enable your sales team to access them online and through mobiles. Your sales will be able to sell across multiple sites in the same time while viewing real-time updates with every unit’s information. Reducing the number of physical site visits will make the customer satisfied and accelerate deal closure. You have the option to further impress customers and expose your 2D/3D maps online to customers if you need.

Empower digital workers with mobility and collaboration

Connect your workforce on intranets to create a collaborative environment with dynamic knowledge bases that help you create more informed employees. Enable your workforce to work on the go through their mobile devices to drive more productivity.

Create a digital customer care culture

Record all customer incidents, complaints and suggestions whether received by your call center, sent by email, sms or any other digital medium. Ensure excellent monitoring and timely resolution to all issues. Built a connected customer care solution to cater for all your customer needs.

Digitize the ecosystem with ERP integration

As a successful digital journey is necessarily an integrated one, we help you implement, update and integrate your Microsoft Dynamics solutions (customer relationship, sales, marketing, and others) with your current ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions.

Optimization: Retain customers for life; up & cross-sell 

What about transforming your customers into brand ambassadors! Extend your customer relationship beyond the purchase to keep them for life with community mobile apps, field services and facility management. Monitor the performance of services and operations using rich analytics to have the insights needed for business improvement and expansion. 

See the present and future with analytics & insights

Modernize your real-estate reporting and analytics on every aspect of service and operation enterprise-wide. Using latest business intelligence and analytical tools, we deliver dashboards and geo-dashboards with real-time insights on sales figures, customer satisfaction, sentiment analysis, behavior analysis, conversion rates and more. Drive performance improvement by taking the needed actions.

Tap into customer sentiment with social listening

The social media power is overwhelming. We provide you with social listening tools on your social media channels of choice to help you solidify your reputation. On attractive dashboards you will see the social sentiment on your brand, deal with any customer issues and compare your reputation to your competitors.

Connect your community to your brand with mobile apps

Hear the voice of your tenants! Provide them with a community app that will help them live better in your compound or spend a nicer time in your resort. Send announcements to your community. Help them report issues with audio/video tools. Help them to share experiences. Show them that you do care and increase your chance for up and cross selling. 

Increase sales with great referral programs

Successful real estate professionals know that the vast majority of business comes from repeat and referral business. Engage your customers in rewarding referral programs online and on mobile. Increase your chances for landing new customers.

Provide proactive field services & facility management

Do not wait for a customer complaint. Be proactive in using a field services solution that will ensure that your compound workforce is punctual in maintaining all your compound assets. Ensure that all your facilities are running efficiently and up to consumers’ expectations. Ensure that nothing will risk a lifelong relationship with tenants who live comfortably under your brand.

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