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Creating sustainable, prosperous, and economically competitive modern cities!

Rapid growth, budget constraints and enhanced citizen services are just a few of the challenges facing cities around the world. Link Development provides end-to-end solutions that transform countries into better ones by optimizing the use of their resources and expanding e-Government Solutions usage.

Instead of complicated bureaucratic processes, Link Development offers simplified solutions that redesign government-to-citizen and government-to-government communications aiming  to enable governments to respond effectively to citizens expectations, while reducing the cost of service delivery channels that include: Internet/Intranet Portals – Mobile Portal – Mobile Apps – USSD – Call Centers – SMS

Simplifying communications enhances comprehension, increase the likelihood of accurate and complete transactions, encourage compliance and alleviate security concerns with integrated, secure information sharing.

Thus, trusted by influential governments in the region in light of our regional presence, and experience, Link Development became the trusted technology partner of local and regional governments.

We provide solutions to help you maximize government and citizen-centric services efficiency for optimal public value, creating consumer-focused and cost-effective services.


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