Digital Justice
Towards a Digitally Productive Justice

Judiciary systems are challenged by the continuous growth of population and the subsequent increases in volume of cases to manage. The risks compound with paper-based operations, abundance of documents and data. Frustrations of today’s digital citizens too are mounting with the lengthy processes and slow case results. Absence of digitalized judiciary systems put governments and people at risk of an abrupt operational stop like the one the globe witnessed when 2019 pandemic hit. 

Automate Court and Case Management 

Link Development’s Digital Courts is an intelligent platform that modernizes court and legal case management at all judiciary levels. It transforms disparate court and cases’ system into streamlined, efficient processes where judges, attorneys are productive, justice is quick, and people are happy.

From case intimation all through proceedings till closures, Digital Courts automates legal case filing, scheduling, routing, and monitoring, in addition to caseload and backlog management, document attachments, visual court hearings, financial calculations, e-payments, e-signatures and more.

Digital Courts is open for customization and integrations. With a powerful backend and services portal, it is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and topped with intelligent analytics and integrated cross-judiciary collaboration. It can be implemented on-premise and on cloud.

How to Digitalize Traditional Court Systems?

When embarking on your digital transformation journey, there are a plethora of digital factors to consider. You need to run on a proven digital justice platform with judiciary-specific features, rely on strong underlying technology and engage with a technology partner that you can trust.  

Read this whitepaper to capture the digital must-haves when transforming into digital justice. 

Read this press release and case study to know how we helped Egypt's Ministry of Justice, Economic Courtrs to drive digital transformation using Microsoft Dynamics 365.




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