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To grow as a digital enterprise, you need to capitalize on your web presence with digital marketing programs. You also need to go social! Your customers are there on social media. Listen to what they have to say, publish content in different channels, and monitor the dialogue.  We help you seize the chance to create stronger relationships and sell more.

Social Media Marketing

We provide social media advertising and engagement solutions to promote your brand, product or service.

  • Social media advertising (SMA)
    We plan and buy display ads, targeted to specific users, on social websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Social media engagement (SME)
    We provide content-rich social media postings, followed by in-depth and timely discussion/interaction with followers of individual advertiser social media assets (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
    We create a strategy for attracting new and unique visitors to your website. This is coupled with creating the right type of content and building a website, if no one exists, that is easy to share on social networks and is friendly to social media users.
  • SEO Automation
    We help you spend much less time in optimizing your website SEO.  With automatic SEO operations and analysis, only qualified traffic will find you online thereby increasing your revenue.
    • Automated SEO: We use SEO platforms to add and implement SEO strategies into your website.
    • Manual SEO:  We provide SEO experts to implement various on-page and off-page SEO strategies into your website manually. 

Campaign Marketing

  • Email Campaigns
    We help you promote your offerings to target customers. We create, send, and track email campaigns that help you in building lasting relationships with your customers and enable you to sell more.
  • SMS Campaigns 
    Your chances for more customer reach and more sales deals increase by going mobile. We plan and send SMS/MMS campaigns to engage your customers in real-time. 
  • Campaigns Analysis 
    We help you control spending by accessing rich visuals and dashboards that analyze your email and social campaigns in real time so you can compare actual revenue, costs, and know your ROI.
  • Website Analytics 
    We help you understand your website behavior with easy-tools that explain and predict visitors’ preferences and sentiments. We provide you with a chance to respond with clever solutions.

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