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Digitalize census, surveys and inspections; i.e: CountBig!

Data collection, management and analytics is a pressing need in today’s digital world. It’s only with concrete measures and KPIs, you can lay solid grounds for your next nation-wide strategy or your next big product.

This is why public & private organizations are opting to count things that matter most; be it the number of people in a nation or their opinion about a product or a cause.

Huge counts of this nature require sending out field agents to collect data from masses of people, on-ground. Dependency on manual operations with physical papers is no longer efficient. Not to mention the exceptionally lengthy processes involved in manual data validation; analysis and final reporting.


What is CountBig?

CountBig is a digital platform that turns complex, massive data collection, management and analytical processes into easy, manageable visual projects on maps using powerful data validation engine and tools. 

Combining mobility, analytics, security, integration & GIS within an efficient, sustainable formula, we crafted CountBig to be a practical, cost-effective solution that puts a stop to data loss, fraud and errors. It comes with two flavors:

1- CountBig, The Digital Census Platform; for governments seeking to automated census, surveys and inspection runs with built-in know how of census processes and best practices.

2- CountBig, The Digital Surveys Platform; for public and private sector players who want to digitally transform their surveying, inspection and market research implementation techniques.  

Read a case study on how we delivered Egypt Digital Census 2017 that was conducted by CAPMAS (Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics), based on CountBig.


CountBig Highlights

End-to-End Surveying and Counting Processes

CountBig provides flexible, cost-effective, and modern tools for data collection, management and analytics starting by survey preparations phase; passing through collection phase and ending up by post-survey and results analysis phase.

Survey Building and Real-Time Updates
CountBig enables designing and publishing survey forms with all needed levels and question types with ongoing validations in accordance with various types of business rules. Forms can be updated and republished to all field-agents in real-time.

Data Collection App
Our Tablet/Mobile App is designed with state-of-the-art user experience to efficiently save agents’ time and drive maximum productivity. It provides a very accurate data collection tool and allows instantaneous reporting and dashboarding.

Information Safety & Privacy
Information safety is ensured when collected data is transmitted immediately or saved until there is an internet connection. All data is private with tight access authorizations.

Data Monitoring and Business Intelligence
CountBig provides a complete framework for monitoring and controlling data collection, management and analytics with rich reporting and insights. 

Data Validation
CountBig depends on a powerful data validation engine enusure refined quality of data during and post survey collection. It increases data accuracy levels by applying machine learning techniques that detect possible fraud patterns and instantaneously alert management.

Self-Service Online Surveys
If an organization opts for online surveys only, CountBig enables the creation of a self-service space for people to access online and fill-in requested information in their own convenient time window.

GIS Integration & Geo-Dashboarding
With GIS integration, the survey ecosystem can be visually monitored on maps. Field agents can access their assigned routs right from their smart phones and tablets. Inspectors can monitor agents’ activities every step of the way with geo-fences. Collected data is plotted on interactive maps and geo-dashboards, in real-time, for reporting purposes.


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