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Context Aware Services
When contextual, user experience is at its best!

Engaging user experience doesn’t stop with understanding customer needs and providing solutions that add value. There is another mile to go!

We help you design and implement mobile apps and portal solutions that are context aware, in terms of content or functionality, so you can provide personalized experiences to every individual customer in the right time at the right place and as they change.

Simply, we design your contextual service strategy and implement the solution. Together we decide on the best course for your solution to intelligently detect the current location of your customer, or the last procedure in the processes they are in, or the number scenarios they tried to solve a given issue, and then automatically understand the next logical step to take and help the customer do it without repetition or redundancy.

Stand Out among Competition

Position yourself as a digitally intelligent enterprise that is overtaking competition and increasing market share.

Create Happier Customers

When your customer knows how intelligent your solution is, they are impressed! They become extremely satisfied brand ambassadors.

Build an Integrated Ecosystem

With IOT, everything and everyone is connected. With the power of mobility and cloud, you can virtually visualize your customer journey and design context aware solutions that address them.

Use Advanced Analytics

In analyzing the huge amounts data on customer behaviors, contextual services add an effective dimension of learning customer preferences and use this to provide higher-quality services.


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