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Is everything and everyone digitally connected in your enterprise?

The Internet of Things (IOT) is about connecting the things that matter most to your business and bringing your data together in new ways that can modernize your business model, internal operations and the services you provide to your customers. 

We develop and integrate holistic IOT solutions by leveraging the power of cloud and mobility. We use best-in-class technologies such as Azure, Windows10, POWER BI and more.  We connect devices, analyze previously-untapped data, and integrate with business systems to make the best utilization of the data and processes you already have with rich dashboards.

  • IOT Services
    • Connect to any device
    • Handle big data and perform advanced analytics to predict, recommend and analyze patterns
    • Visualize the results and take evidence-based decisions
    • Develop solutions, automate processes and integrate systems
  • Latest IOT Applications
    • Smart Money Box, a Charity Organizations solution that measures level of donations in money boxes
    • Remote Monitoring, a solution to monitor Manufacturing Machines by detecting machine status (running or stopped) and quantity of manufactured unites in addition to displaying issues/failures on tablet that worker can input reason of issue/failure
    • ICU Availability Tracking, a solution for monitoring ICU Beds availability and utilization.

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