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Business Continuity - COVID-19
The digital "must haves" in times of distress!

The unfortunate outbreak of Corona virus has drastically impacted the world. Recent travel restrictions and work-from-home measures are overtaking the globe. 

In response to these unusual circumstances, public and private sector organizations are taking preventive measures to protect people. Health and safety of employees, customers, citizens, patients and students are of core concern and of utmost priority.

Resuming business operations and services as usual, as much as possible, is of critical importance too. It is imperative to continue servicing your stakeholders, minimize business interruption and halt possible negative impacts on your bottom line.

Business Contiuity Must Haves

They key focus areas today for business continuity are: remote workforce productivity, customer service and conversational journeys, modernizing business apps and moving datacenter to cloud. Right from technology roadmap consultancy, user experience planning, solution implementation and intelliegnt busineess optimization, we will help you navigate this crisis with more certainty and assurance.  

Workforce Productivity - Microsoft Teams
Enable remote employee productivity in the matter of days

Recraft your business communication experiences quickly, effectively and securely. Implement and customize Microsoft Teams to establish round-the-clock collaboration, business calls, chats, and audio/videoconferencing with your remote workforce, your employees at your office building, online and with your public switched telephone network.

Select from multiple remote deployment packages for Microsoft Teams so your can mobilize your workforce within days; in accordance with your technology infrastructure and business needs.  Furnish your small to large meeting rooms with cutting-edge devices that enable small to mega videoconferences and live meetings.

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Bubbles, Live Chat and Chatbot
Better support people across any device

Chat with your stakeholders in real-time using human agents and an AI-driven chat bot, or both. Using Bubbles, the integrated chat platform, you can create intelligent conversational experiences on your website, mobile and social media channels.

Readily available in English and Arabic, Bubbles gets you closer to your customers anytime and anywhere. It is available for small and medium businesses using online subscription. It is also available for enterprises looking for customizations and integration with Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams and other 3rd party solutions.

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Application Modernization
Transform and optimize your business apps

Refactor and repurpose your legacy business applications onto a seamless modern platform, infrastructure, optimized architecture and improved features. We help you in tailoring your apps for cloud readiness, high performance and scalability. 

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Datacenter Migration
Future-proof your datacenter now

In such times of crisis, cloud proves itself as the most sustainable solution of the future. To create more agility, speed and effectiveness in your business operations, migrate your datacenter and business applications to cloud in an smooth journey that incudes digital consultancy, migration, implementation and operational services.

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Industry-Specific Business Contiuity Solutions

In such a difficult time, we support your business. Whether you are a public or private sector official, a decision maker in the healthcare industry, or an advocate for remote eduction, we can help you envision and implement your digital Business Continuity must haves.

Public and Private Businesses
Today employees are asked to work remotely from their homes or partly between home and office. Citizens and customers are asked to refrain from visiting crowded places and abide by social distancing. Organizations are overwhelmed with urgent thoughts about how to overcome looming losses, how to ensure business continuity, how to still be there for their people, and how to plan for future “what if” scenarios?

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Doctors, nurses and staff are interchanging or reducing presence at clinics and hospitals. Patients are refraining from crowded places unless there is an emergency. Yet, the need for medical consultation is never-ending. Decision-makers are seeking to ensure the business continuity and accessibility of services to patients and prepare for a future without “what if somthing like this happens again!".

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Teaching staff, employees and learners are asked to stop going to universities and learning centers. Yet, education can never stop. Future of learners is a critical asset. Decision-makers are seeking to ensure the continuity and accessibility of courses, classes, exams, materials and discussions to learners of all ages. They also want to prepare for a future without uncertainties or similar surprises to what the world is whitnessing today.

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