Cloud Journey

Cloud Journey
We help you navigate a great journey of business transformation on cloud covering everything from consulting to implementation and operational services.

Cloud Consultancy & Design

We help create a cloud vision and strategy that aligns with business objectives and act as a foundational source for accelerated business innovation and growth.

  • Cloud Opportunity: Examine the business requirements, assess existing service delivery issues, determine risk factors and mitigation measures, decide on the need for private or hybrid cloud setup.
  • Architecture and Capacity:  Agree on the needed cloud architecture design and capacity and select cloud model and layer: IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS
  • Proof of Concept (“POC”) & Testing
  • ROI Calculations: Evaluating cost versus ROI and establishing priorities


Cloud Transition

Lay the grounds for a successful transition to cloud.  We focus on optimizing our infrastructure, migration, security and more in the pre-launch phase.  

  • Optimizing IT Infrastructure: We optimize the infrastructure in accordance with planned strategy and business objectives.
  • Cloud Migration Plan: We determine application readiness to kick off the migration of the whole environment on cloud.
  • Operational & Security Plan: Finalize all security and operational considerations. 
  • Stress Test: Conduct all testing to ensure a successful go live!

Cloud Go

We help you ensure the optimization of your business when you go live on cloud.

  • Performance Management: We help in fine tuning applications and cloud servers.
  • Fault and Change Management: We identify/review Cloud Service to satisfy service requirements as needed.

Cloud Management & Operations

Our ongoing monitoring and support practices frees you from headaches and helps you focus on core business.

  • 24*7*365 Support: We provide comprehensive service support, and Microsoft Premier Support, with 24*7 phone support for incident reporting, advanced monitoring and alerting on email/SMS, and proactive problem detection. We conduct backup and restore operations; use an online ticketing system for documentation; and report on activity based on SLAs.
  • Backup Plans: Execute all backup and restore plans as needed. 
  • Advanced Security Management: We use latest technologies in ensuring a completely secure Cloud experience covering Web Application Firewall (WAF), Network Antivirus/Anti Malware, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Periodical Vulnerability Scan, Patch Management, Penetration Test, Remote Backup Site, in addition to NDA agreement with the operation team, partners and suppliers.

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