Cloud Initiatives

Cloud Initiatives
Transforming the future on the cloud!

We are leading the regional market with our SMBGO initiative that helps big players such as banks, telecoms and others to reshape the digital economy and empower their SMEs with services, applications, information and other tools that help them always improve. 

In partnership with Microsoft, we have been enriching the SME ecosystem with marketplaces that empower SMEs with easy-to-use tools to build and run their businesses easily and profitably from the cloud.

  • SME4Africa
  • SME4Bahrain
  • SME4Qatar
  • SME4Egypt
  • ALEXBANK in Egypt

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CRM Cloud Academy
We are leading the regional tech community with our CRM Cloud Academy. In four countries across North and West Africa, we are educating young calibers, fresh graduates and strudents, all about Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help them qualify as CRM certified professionals in sales, presales, consultants, developers.

With sharpened skill sets, the tech industry is enriched with calibers who can find job opportunities and internships inside Microsoft partner network in the Middle East & Africa.

We had multiple runs on the academy with graduates from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Nigeria. 

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