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Run your sales function on digital intelligence to better understand your prospects, customers and deals.

Dynamics 365 - CRM for Sales Management shifts your sales operations into a digitally productive function. Your salesforce is empowered with outstanding features for customer and deal management. With focus on digital insights across every customer and deal, salespeople can predict customer needs, provide personalized attention, build strong relationship and sell more. 

How will Dynamics 365 - CRM for Sales Management make a difference?
It combines the capabilities of CRM Online, Office 365, PowerBI and more to help organizations in growing smarter and more profitable sales capabilities. 

  • A focused salesforce driven by intelligent assistance on customers and prospects with most potential. 
  • A streamlined sales function with automated business processes, sales reporting and analytics.
  • A killer team of salespeople always a step ahead of customer and deal thanks to predictive analytics, digital intelligence, and automated lead scoring.
  • A smarter, collaborative workplace that prioritizes strategic deals and works more efficiently. 
  • A profitable business with a complete view on past performance and visibility of leading indicators for the future. 
  • A sustainable department with easy onboarding of new salespeople who can start selling immediately.

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