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Transform healthcare services through personalized, connected and responsive tools.

Dynamics 365 – CRM opens the doors for digital “Disease Surveillance and Tracking”. We help governments and healthcare organizations in applying instant, automated solutions for disease management.  

Digital insights on disease spread in real-time through geo-dashboards not only enables the knowledge of the severity of infected areas, it also predicts possibilities of high infections for proactive handling. 

Dynamics 365 – CRM and its family of solutions work seamlessly to create integrated, collaborative processes for everyone to work together in reporting on infections and communicating with patients using various channels such as web, mobile, SMS, fax, email, and social media. 

  • Patient-Centric Profile

    • 360 degree centralized view of patient’s information
    • Full medical history profile
    • Complete interactions log 
  • Medical Incident Management

    • Full records of patient information
    • Symptoms analysis and case evaluation (illness likeness) 
  • Quarantine Status

    • Record and track suspected patients
    • Record and track individuals that were in contact with infected patients
    • Record and track contact with individuals within the medical facility such as; nurses, visitors, etc. 
  • Medical Procedures Automation

    • Automation of medical operations and examinations, as per the World Health Organization (WHO) standards
    • Escalations and notifications for critical and overdue tasks as per Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    • Orchestrating procedures within different systems 
  • Reach-Out to Citizen/Workforce

    • Sending relevant information and alerts to segmented contact lists as well as on-the-ground workforce; using email, fax, SMS, phone, and social media
    • Sending emails and newsletter with relevant information and reminders to patients and workforce
    • Sending surveys for tracking medical excellence and patients’ satisfaction levels  
  • Online Presence
    • An online awareness and training portal for physicians and patients for communicating latest alerts, medical updates, training, indicators and analysis, activity reports,…etc.
  • Vaccine, Immunization and Treatment Management
    • A vaccine tracking system; to easily view vaccine shipment status, updates, and deliveries around the globe
    • An immunization tracking system that gives insights into the percentage of the population who has been immunized with geographical areas and demographics highlights
    • A treatment tracking system that produces real time reports related to infected patients, their exposure, quarantine status, treatment, and recovery records 
  • Call Center Management
    • A call center solution that provides an additional instant channel for communication and cases logging, all integrated with the core disease tracking solution. Along with an alerting and communication channel with other relevant parties (ports, airports, hospitals, patients, etc.)  
  • Digital Insights
    • Track and analyze information visually according to demographics, geographies, and various segmentations
    • Generate real time relevant reports and dashboards
    • Give insightful predictive analytics for better proactive disease control management
  • Extensibility and Integration
    • Integration with existing systems such as financial systems, Geographical Information systems (GIS), SMS gateways, fax servers, email servers, or any other system.

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