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Education Management Solutions
Redefine the education experience in schools.

Dynamics CRM for education is yet another game changer. Having students treated as customers enables education systems to remain relevant and engaging while working with enterprise-grade efficiency. 

  • Understanding Education Stakeholders
    A central digital repository of students, parents, teachers, employees, suppliers with all relevant information creates a clear visibility on the ecosystem of stakeholders in the education institution.
  • Creating Omni-Channel Experiences
    A call center in a school makes the digital leap tangible to all stakeholders with a unified Omni-channel experience for all stakeholders on phone, email, sms, fax, social media, and internet.
  • Streamlining Processes
    In digitizing processes and integrating them with other systems at school, the entire system is refreshed and all procedures take place in harmony.
  • Managing Voices
    With advanced case management, the school can efficiently and automatically manage complaints, suggestions, and requests and get SLA based responses from the right departments.
  • Empowering Staff
    Having all staff access a single point to manage their tasks and handle different business process even if integrated with different systems creates productivity across the board.

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