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Charity & NGO Management Solutions
Strengthen beneficiary-donor relationship within a controlled flow of interactions.

Digital is transforming the way nations do charity. Dynamics 365 – CRM digitizes the relationship between donors and beneficiaries within controlled relationships.

  •  Capturing “beneficiary’s” and “donor’s” profiles with all related documentations and transactions’ history
  • Automating services request from reception to closure in accordance with specific approval cycles for debts settlements, medical treatment fees, education fees, marriage expenses, and more
  • Managing charity projects from end-to-end covering initiation, marketing, funding, money transfer, implementation, closure and closure
  • Capturing different funding/payment methods either for individual humanitarian cases or planned projects through cash, Visa cards and/or bank cheques
  • Supporting donors by mobile apps as a gateway for donation
  • Integration with charity ERP system and other systems

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