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Automotive Management Solutions
Materialize passion for cars into cash.

Dynamics 365 – CRM and its family of solutions promise automotive companies a lucrative digital future.

Time to create new, exciting experience for car lovers. Time for automotive companies to stand out with exceptional sales, marketing customer services and more. 

  • Full flexibility to manage data of customers, vehicles, offers, investigation offices, insurance companies, show rooms, banks and their intersection with processes
  • Customer’s Amortization Eligibility Check
    • Central bank’s iScore
    • Site visits (home and work)
    • Customer’s profile scoring
    • Debt Service Ratio (DSR); which is based on the customer’s income and expenses
  • Vehicle insurance processes automation; either its with the seller or an external insurance companies
  • Loan management (calculator, amortization installments scheduling/monitoring)
  • Penalties and late installments handling
  • Fees collection through bank transfers and cheques
  • Notification center for both employees and customers for due actions
  • Reporting on monitored operations 

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