Business Continuity: The Digital Must-Haves for Healthcare Organizations - Webinar

Telemedicine, patients care bots, medical staff productivity round the clock.

Future-proof the availability of your healthcare community and services.

Lay sustainable grounds for agility, productivity and business continuity on cloud!

why attend?

Discover how Microsoft Teams can help you tap into the effectiveness of medical staff power when enriched with great, integrated audio/video software and hardware solutions that make meetings smarter, calls better and collaboration faster.

Extend Microsoft Teams to provide Telemedicine services that can help you better reach patients and accommodate doctors' needs to work remotely.

Move your business applications to cloud using Windows Virtual Desktop and drastically improve workforce productivity.

Put live chat and intelligent chatbots in the service of your patients and provide real-time answers to questions using Bubbles, the intelligent chat assistant.


The digital must-haves for healthcare organizations, for now and the future.
Microsoft Teams for remote employee communication and telemedicine services.
Move business apps to Azure, Windows 10 and Office 365 and leverage the power of Microsoft WVD.
Learn about integrated live chat and intelligent chatbots for refined patient care.

We are looking forward to meeting you virtually on Wednesday, June 24 th

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